Sweet soul, let's take all of those broken pieces of your life and create a beautiful masterpiece!

I know life is hard and right now you feel broken. You don't recognize the person you've become. Your life is shattered on the floor in front of you and you're exhausted from the weight of it all. You know you can't continue to live depressed, defeated, and discouraged, but you have no idea how to begin picking those pieces up again. That's where I come in.

There is magic in your soul and I'm going to stand right by your side as I guide you to discovering it! 

Between battling PTSD after being a targeted victim in a terrorist bombing, receiving terrifying medical news, losing my son and all of the other hurts in between, I sure know what it's like to stand in the pits of hell. Let's just acknowledge this, IT'S FREAKING HARD, so YAY you for still standing (sitting or laying) because you're here and that's huge!! Life tried to defeat you and you said NO! 

I know most days are a struggle to even get out of bed, but what if I told you that you will get out of bed again, and you will be happy about it? 

Joy is YOURS to choose! Let's start today! 

One-on-One coaching with me is the quickest way to finding your smile again and really meaning it!

Light ALWAYS wins over darkness but sometimes that light is a tiny flicker. I am going to teach you how to SET FIRE to your soul and find the beauty all around you! From gratitude, to positive self image, to rising VICTORIOUS, you are going to completely shift your perspective and let joy radiate out of you! 

Will it be easy? No, most things worth having in life aren't.
Will there be work? Yep! I'm going to really make you dig deep and do some healing and mindset work! You will have "homework" after each call and I will ask you to keep a gratitude journal! 
Will there be tears? From me, absolutely. I'm a crier and I'm totally cool if you are too!
Will there be laughing? TONS! The big, from your belly, hurts your face kind. 

4 week program:
Shifting your perspective and laughing in the face of darkness.

This is your chance to rise from the ashes and fall back in love with your life! 

Week 1 - Owning Your Story. Embracing my story is where I finally found the freedom I'd been searching for. Step into your story and learn to write the next beautiful chapter the way YOU want!

Week 2 - Practicing Gratitude. Gratitude is the gateway to joy. Let's unlock the beauty in life that's been clouded by pain and allow it to fill your soul with light and sparkle!

Week 3 - Brain Food. The thoughts you put in your head are what you become. Let's shift your perspective from victim to victorious.

Week 4 - The Power of Choice. You hold immense power. We cannot always choose what happens to us but we always have a choice in the way it affects us. Learn how to make choices that will improve your life!




This intensive combines EVERYTHING from my 4 week program plus an additional four weeks to help you live your JOY out loud!

Week 5 - The New You - This week is all about recognizing that hurt changes you and it's not always a bad thing. It's time to release what's dragging you down and step into the BEAUTIFUL SOUL that you have become!

Week 6 - Allowing Yourself to Feel- It's so important to recognizing ALL the emotions we are feeling. Each is valid and there to teach us something. This week we will focus on learning from our feelings but also remaining in control of them.

Week 7 - Intentional Living- Stop going through the motions and get back in the driver's seat of your life. Make decisions each day that connect you to your JOY.

Week 8 - Sharing Your Sparkle - The world needs more of you! You were created with uniquely special gifts and the people around you want to see you shine! This week we will talk about what makes you sparkle and how to share it. 

*BONUSCOMMUNITY - During our time together we will also talk about the importance of the people you surround yourself with and how to LOVE them while learning to love yourself. 


I will spend an hour pouring into you and answering questions for you. These calls will help you focus in on each weekly topic and how to uniquely apply it to your life. All of my coaching sessions are completely personalized to meet your needs!


Check your mailbox! You're getting goodies from me. I am going to hook you up with weekly worksheets to help you work your way to joy. You'll also get a beautiful journal for gratitude journaling (one of the practices we'll be working on during our sessions) and other little goodies to bring a big ol' smile to that beautiful face!

I'm by your side through the whole process. Between sessions, you will be able to communicate with me through email that comes to my phone. I will respond within 24 hours. I also love voice message, so you'll be hearing from me. I never want you to feel alone in this entire process!


You will receive FREE access to any group coaching or programs I release while we are working together. 

Anyone who books a spot on the Sun, Sand, Sparkle, and Shine retreat will receive 20% off of any of my coaching services. Click HERE to book today!