First meal from The Fresh 20

A few days ago I bought this recipe book (thanks for the recommendation mom). Basically you buy 20 clean ingredients each week and use those ingredients plus ingredients from your pantry (she gives you a list to stalk up in the beginning) to make 5 meals throughout the week. The recipes are organized by seasons and there are four weeks worth of recipes in each season. Some meals even use leftovers from previous meals to create a new dish! I'm all about that!

We started with winter week 1 and will be making Crock-pot roast with carrots and parsnips Maple-soy salmon with bok choy and brown rice Vegetable minestrone Spicy beef farfalle Fancy franks and beans

Now I am not really a fan of red meat or fish, but I will try anything here we go.

Tonight's dinner was the roast. I had a lot of fun making it! Especially peeling my colorful carrots. :)

These are the ingredients I used.

It was a pretty simple preparation.

1. Mix the spices to create the rub.

2. Peel and cute the vegetables.

3. Rub and sear the beef.

4. Place the beef on top of the vegetables and pour in the broth.

Then let it cook!

The end result was very good. It is definitely harty and meaty so I mostly had vegetables. The beef had good flavor and a little kick. It was a great dinner for this snowy evening. The best part is all of the thinking and planning was done for me!

Can't wait for tomorrow.

Have a happy and healthy night!