Fresh 20 Meal 2

Maple/soy/ginger salmon was the meal last night. I really don't like fish, but I'm branching out. I was nervous going into this recipe...

The ingredients:

Bok choy, pepper, salt, ginger, garlic, cayene pepper, olive oil, pure maple syrup, reduced sodium soy sauce, and salmon. (Superfood smoothie snuck its way into the picture. That's another meal! lol)

This was our salmon. I have never cooked fish in my life.

I had no idea what to do with that!!! I hade to consult my good friend google.  You cook with the scales on and then the meat comes right off when you eat it. I learn something new each day!

The salmon is quickly broiled with the bok choy, then you add some of the glaze that you already cooked (simmer syrup, soy sauce, cayenne, garlic, and ginger) and broil for a couple more minutes.

Plate it with some brown rice and add a little more of the soy sauce mixture.

It actually had great flavor and the fish had a buttery texture. I was pleasantly surprised. Have you ever tried something you "don't like" and actually did?

Stay tuned for the vegetable minestrone!

Have a happy and healthy day!