Quick, fresh, and delicious pico!Ingredients: 5 roma tomatoes, 2 jalapenos, 1 serrano pepper (not pictured), 1/2 lime, cilantro, 1 cup chopped white onion, salt

Dice your tomatoes. I cut mine in half, then cut them slice vertically then horizontally. I am a terrible tomato dicer! Then it got even more difficult when my little one wanted to be held and I lost a hand.

YUM! I think I did pretty well. ;)


Next chop your jalapenos. You can remove seeds or keep them depending on the spice you like. I was going for a refreshing taste so I took the middle out.

Do the same for your serrano pepper. These are spicier than jalapenos so be careful when you are handling them. Definitely wash your hands and don't touch your eyes. I learned that lesson the hard way!

I slice mine in half and then slice carefully to loosen the middle at the edges. It normally comes right out after that. If not you can slide you knife down the back removing the outer flesh from the pit.

Add your chopped onions, squeeze your lime juice over your mixture, and add salt to taste. Add your salt a little at a time and taste as you go so you don't add too much.

 And my favorite part, cilantro! This is really what makes it! Take a bundle of cilantro and chop it like you are giving it a haircut. For fresh dishes like this pico, you want to leave your cilantro leaves big to get the full flavor.

Toss it in and mix well. ENJOY!! It is great with some homemade baked corn chips. Just quarter some corn tortillas, spritz them with olive oil and pop in the toaster oven or bake on 400 for around 8 min (Watch for them to turn golden brown)

Have a happy, healthy day!