Baskets are a girl's best friend

IMG_2276 Ok so maybe all of these aren't baskets, but the majority of them are. I am going to show you how I de-clutter and keep my house cozy and functional with baskets (and some drawers)

1. In the living room we have this shelf that we got at an antique store. I placed some baskets on them that are decorative and functional. These are the perfect place for remotes, batteries, wii accessories, etc. It keeps the clutter off the table and hidden.IMG_2251

2. My china is displayed on this cabinet, but the drawers are my favorite part. Inside I keep place mats, table cloths, napkins, coozies, appliance manuals, every day tools, and my scentsy waxes. Multi-functional!


3. This TV shelf doubles as a place for stationary, stamps, envelopes, and my workout DVDs.


4. On a shelf in the kitchen I keep this basket with my meal prep guides, recipe books, paper and pen to write notes, and a few other miscellaneous items. The first picture is a view into the basket, but looking on it is clean and hidden in the second :) That is why I love baskets!

IMG_2257 IMG_2258

5. Near the door we have this table with a basket on top for mail, coupons, keys, sunglasses, wallets, etc. In the drawer we keep the phone book, dog treats, poop bags, and other things we made need to grab on the way out. The bottom is a great place to keep shoes we use frequently.

 IMG_2259    IMG_2263 IMG_2264 IMG_2265

6. In Baby A's room we keep a basket in the night stand for diapers and wipes. IMG_2267

7. Across the room we repurposed a hamper to hold some of her stuffed animals. (She has sooooo many!)

IMG_2269 IMG_2270

8. Since I am getting her toys out and putting them away every day, I figured a big open basket would be the best bet. This guy keeps all the toys in one place and is pretty cute!

(Those are my Raggedy Ann and Andy from my Great Grandma. They've made it through a lot!)

IMG_2271 IMG_2272

These are just some of the ways I use baskets in my house. I also have one next to the couch for blankets, a small one for every day jewelry in my bedroom, and one on Adelynn's night stand for quick grabs like the thermometer, brush, and nail clippers.

Baskets make my life SO much easier.

How do you use them in your home?

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