Yesterday was hard. We were scheduled for our amniocentesis. An amnio is where they insert a needle through the stomach and into the uterus to collect a small amount of amniotic fluid for genetic testing. They need this information to know whether or not surgery will be beneficial for Caden when he is born. I am terrified of needles and the though of one going through my stomach made me weak. The first time, the baby moved and she was unable to get what she needed so she had to do the whole thing TWICE! I thought I was going to pass out/throw up/cry/all of the above. THANK THE LORD for Matt. He is incredible! I cannot brag on him enough. He is so strong. We met with the high risk specialist to discuss some very difficult things. She explained to us more about what to expect when he is born and that sometimes children with heart defects have some issues with brain development because of the blood flow from the heart. We are believing that he is completely whole with no other problems though! We also had to discuss the difficulties for our family, our marriage, and for Adelynn. This is not just his battle, it is ours. We are strong though and I know that this will only make us stronger. So far we have banded together and totally leaned on each other. We only go up from here! Another awful part of our appointment was the discussion of Down Syndrome. All of the previous tests came back clean, but if he does have it, he is projected not to survive. Prayers and total belief for clean results!!! We will get the preliminary round back tomorrow or Thursday and then another set in a couple of weeks. For now we will be seeing the high risk specialist to monitor growth, our OB, and the cardiologist regularly.

Today was an easier day (if there is such a thing.) I woke up this morning feeling very crampy with pains in my stomach so I called my OB. They brought me in for an ultrasound and a meeting with the doctor. The ultrasound came back normal. His heart is beating strong and he was moving around like a jumping bean. We even got to see some baby hiccups. They did see some contractions on the monitor, but said it was normal after an amnio and that they should pass.

After talking with the doctor, I felt a little better about everything. She said she doesn't foresee any more medical problems and that she is expecting clean results on the amnio because no previous testing or images lead her to believe there are any other issues. We are believing with her. No news is good news at this point!

RIght now our focus is to enjoy our time with our little man safe and sound. We want to cherish this pregnancy just like we did with Adelynn. We want to spend time as a family and keep things as normal as possible for our little girl. We want to make sure our minds are focused on positivity and love.

I heard a song on the radio today and it seemed so fitting. As I go through each day I just want to rest in God's grace and HIs peace and just make it to the next step. Take a listen.


Thank you for praying and believing with us! We will update you all soon <3