Cardio Update 12/3

Thursday we had an appointment with the cardiologist to check on our little man's heart. He is growing well and developing like they were hoping. At this appointment my big hope was for no additional complications. HLHS is a big enough battle as it is and any additional complications would be just make things extra messy. We are in the clear for now with additional complications which is a HUGE blessing! He will continue to be monitored and plans will change accordingly.  For now, our plan is this:

Monthly visits with cardio, obgyn, and high risk specialist.

After 30 weeks we will bump up visits to every 2 weeks and then weekly (and possibly even more frequently).

We are scheduling our visit with the cardiology unit in Rochester, where he will be delivered, at 32 weeks.

We will return to Rochester at 38 weeks for delivery.

He will have his first surgery, the Norwood, within the first week of his birth. Our doctor is estimating 3-4 weeks recovery after this surgery barring no additional set backs, infections, or complications. It is a VERY touchy and critical time for our little guy, but we know he is a fighter!

Right now, the first big hurdle is making it to 38 weeks. Big sister was a week late so we are hoping he likes to cook just as much as she did ;) If we can make it to 38 weeks his chances are significantly increased!

Thank you for caring for, loving, praying for, and supporting us on this journey! Caden can already feel the love <3