21 Day Fix... the truth behind the lies

What is this 21 Day Fix- (1).jpg
What is this 21 Day Fix- (1).jpg

I'm sure you have probably heard of this 21 day fix thing. In fact, I was reading an article today that it was one of the most popular google searches in 2015. There are a lot of misconceptions so I wanted to clear the air. I've seen many call it a diet, but that is the furthest thing from it's purpose. Let me explain...

The 21 day fix is meant to help kickstart a lifestyle change. The only sustainable way to lose weight and get healthy is eating nutritious food and moving your body! That is what this program helps you learn to do.

Here's what it is: 🍊A jumpstart to learning about fueling your body with nutrient rich food 🍇A way to calculate what your body needs based on your goals (weight loss, maintenence, improved diet, toning, etc.) 🌽An easy way to learn to portion your foods because overeating is engrained into our society (you are not meant to live out of containers forever! They are a teaching tool!) 🍉A variety of exercises (with modifiers to match your fitness level) to help your body function at its maximum 🍅A tool to help you learn balance (🍷🍫chocolate and wine anyone?) 🍌A balance of all food groups (healthy fats, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, proteins, etc) 🍏A perfect place for anyone beginning their journey to healthy happiness

Here's what it's not: 🚫A diet 🚫A quick fix 🚫Just 21 days 🚫Only for fitness junkies 🚫Restrictive (do you see my pasta and nachos?) 🚫Expensive (I spend around $300-350 a month on food for the 3 of us)

It takes commitment, but it is the perfect way to simplify things if you are really looking to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is completely adaptable to many dietary needs including paleo, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc. You use your own food and customize what you eat. You even get a guide on healthier ways to eat out.

This program is the reason I've learned so much about how to fuel my body right and was the diving board into my healthy lifestyle. Of course it can be used incorrectly, but it was designed as a teaching tool, not a quick 21 days and done "fix" and if used correctly can lead to an incredibly healthy life <3

If you have questions let's chat! I help coach people through this program and offer meal ideas, recipes, shopping/workout tips, and more! You could even be a part of my next support group and kick off your healthy new life with a group of incredible women on the same journey!