Bought with a price

What does loving your body look like- (1).jpg
What does loving your body look like- (1).jpg

You were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.1 Corinthians 6:20

This has been on my heart for a while now. If you have been following my story for any amount of time you have seen that my health journey has been HUGELY mental. Yes I lost over 70 pounds and recovered my health from the damage I'd been causing, but my biggest change was my mind.

I used to completely hate my body. I have almost NO pictures of myself because I was so embarrassed. That photo on the left was actually sent to me by a friend. That girl was happy, sure. She was loved, absolutely. BUT she didn't love herself. Not one bit.

I wore all black because I was convinced it was slimming. At this time I actually thought I was "getting healthy" I was drinking my frozen smoothies from walmart (little did I know they were packed with sugar) I was drinking diet soda, I was having tiny meals... those were the secrets to success right?! WRONG! And I was doing all of that because I hated who I was. I would cringe as I got dressed in the morning because another pair of pants wouldn't button. Time to pull out the hair tie (who knows what I'm saying?!) I was in a dark place of self hate and had no idea how to take care of my body. This was not the way God desired for me to view myself. He viewed me as precious enough to pay an ultimate price and here I was wiping that in His face.

Fast forward to the girl in the middle. This was the very beginning of my pregnancy with Caden. I was 70 pounds lighter because I'd finally figured out how to LOVE me. I learned to embrace the beauty that I was given. I found a village to support and uplift me. I educated myself on what kinds of food and exercise I needed to honor the life I'd been given and I'd finally discovered the "secret"

It all happens in our head when we learn that we are beautiful creations and we deserve to treat ourselves that way. It changed for me when I realized that this was just as much a spiritual journey as it was physical. My thoughts and actions should honor the life I'd been blessed with. It was SELFISH and LAZY of me to waste that away. Now, I love and honor my body and it loves me in return <3

And That girl on the right. She has grown so so much (and I'm not just talking belly😉) I no longer look at pictures of myself and point out all of my "flaws" (ok well sometimes those stinky negative thoughts slink in but I know how to CRUSH them) Now I look at pictures and go WOW she is strong, she can grow lives, she is a fighter and a surviver, she looks happy, she is beautiful. Those things used to be easy for me to say about others but now that SHE IS ME <3

Are you honoring the life and body you've been given? or are you filled with self hate and self doubt destroying your health little steps at a time? I WAS YOU! I was there! Please, do not feel like you are stuck there! You were bought with a price to fulfill a beautiful purpose. Don't waste another day