Hospital Packing (CHD style)

long hlhs pack (2).jpg I'm a planner! A huge one! So knowing that I'm going to be in the hospital for such an extended period of time has me a little high strung. I searched all over, but couldn't find a list that I was in love with to pack our bags so with a little tweaking and adding I've created my own. A lot of these things are needed for a normal birth stay, but I also added things we will need for the extended stay! We want to make it as homey as possible! Hopefully this helps you and your packing woes! As I always say, it makes me feel better to control the controllable! Check out the written list below. I go into detail about some of the items that I have featured and where to get them! 

  1. Makeup
  2. Blow dryer
  3. Straightener
  4. Slippers - I absolutely LOVE my flip flop slippers. You can get these here
  5. Robes - currently I'm swooning over these robes by PinkBlush. They are just so cute!! The elephant one is my favorite! See them here
  6. Leggings - Can I just say how silky smooth LuLaroe leggings are! AH! I love. I bumped up to tall and curvy style while pregnant. They are amazing! I may have an addiction haha Check out Brittany's page here. She has fed my addiction, made me feel beautiful, and is a fellow preggo momma!! She posts her stock on Wednesday evenings for some fun online shopping
  7. Nursing Tanks - I lived in nursing tanks for a while with my first. They are perfect to throw on and top with a cardigan! BOOM instant outfit ;) I am bigger busted and these were the only suitable tanks I could find. Thank you target!
  8. Cardigans
  9. Coconut oil - It basically can save lives ;) but really, it's great on dried or sore nipples from pumping
  10. Breast Pump - Many hospitals will provide you with a hospital grade pump while you are there, but having your own is great! You should be able to pump and feed your little through their tubes! Momma strong!
  11. Breast Pads
  12. Sanitary Pads - Don't skimp here ladies. Get the intense kind! You need them to hold up! You can also make padsicles! Here's a great tutorial!
  13. Dry Shampoo - I've tried a lot of brands and this is my favorite! Our lives are going to be pretty hectic so any time saving device is high priority
  14. Numbing Spray - Recovery is so much better with this stuff! Ask your hospital because they may provide it, but you can also get some here
  15. Chapstick - I'm a Burt's Bees girl! You can even get it tinted if you are feeling fancy
  16. Boppy - Make holding your little one easier with one of these
  17. Receiving/swaddle blankets (The nurses like these to make up your warriors bed! They make the hospital feel more like home. We are bringing some flannel receiving blankets and some muslin swaddle blankets)
  18. Button ups - button up clothes are the way to go for our little warriors. This way the medical staff has easy access and can run wires through the spaces between the buttons
  19. Hats
  20. Socks/booties
  21. Noise maker - sound is soothing for your baby. Adelynn loved this little lamb when she was little and now she gets to pass it down to baby brother. They even have a travel size!
  22. Lovey - Can you tell we love elephants?? This is the lovey that Caden will take with him to surgery to have comfort from mommy and daddy. Sleep with it before hand so it will smell like you <3
  23. Mobile - Great entertainment for your little!! We are bringing this one. Notice a theme? ;)
  24. Ankle Rattles - encourage leg movements with these fun toys!
  25. Baby Book - You will want this for your little one's hand and footprints. You can also record their birth and beginning of life stories while they are fresh on your mind
  26. Carseat
  27. Medical Binder - I have a medical binder for Caden with information from all of his doctors, insurance information, important documents, and etc. If you don't have one already, I highly recommend you start one
  28. Shampoo
  29. Conditioner
  30. Razors
  31. Body wash
  32. Toothbrush
  33. Toothpaste
  34. Contact Case - This contact case is super functional and comes with a mini bottle to hold solution so you always have it on the go! Plus ELEPHANTS!! SO cute!
  35. Glasses Case
  36. Contact solution
  37. Shaving cream
  38. Face wash
  39. Moisturizer
  40. Nail Clippers
  41. Door hanger for toiletries - This is a great way to keep all of your toiletries together! I'm loving this adorable pattern from Vera Bradley and there is a hanger so you have many options for hanging in case you don't have a door hook
  42. Slippers/comfortable shoes
  43. Paperwork - any important registration, birth plan, medical documentation, etc.
  44. Sweats - These are my husband's current favorite. A man's got to represent his team
  45. Clothes
  46. Change - vending machine runs may become necessary at some points so keep some of this lying around
  47. Snacks- I LOVE lara bars!! Food should be simple and these are all whole and simple ingredients that I feel good about putting in my body. Plus, they taste amazing and come in many different flavors. We are stocking up on these plus things like nuts, veggies, peanut butter, etc!
  48. Magazines
  49. List of people to call
  50. Sweatshirt - these our our sweatshirts for our sweet baby boy! Raising awareness and staying warm at the same time
  51. Notebook - This is a great place to journal feelings, write down memories for your baby, and put questions/info for the doctors
  52. Pajamas - These were just too cute! They are from Target here. I will most likely be pairing with nursing tanks for easy access for pumping.
  53. Dirty clothes bag
  54. Neck pillows - sitting in those chairs so much can be a strain on your neck!
  55. Blankets
  56. Pillows - my tip is to bring a pillow with a case that is NOT white so it doesn't get mixed in with hospital pillows
  57. Jackets
  58. Hand sanitizer
  59. Hand lotion - hospitals and dry and hand sanitizer can dry out your hands even more
  60. Bible
  61. Refillable cups - We love our Tervis Tumblers. They stay warm/cold for a while. We even got handles, lids, and straws for ours
  62. Stain remover
  63. Shakeology - My husband and I drink this every day. I know I'm going to need to be on my game mentally and nutrition plays a huge roll in that! Having this at the hospital will reassure me that even when things are hectic, I am getting in the essentials.
  64. Flip flops - All I'm going to say is *public showers*. Old navy is my go to for flip flops.
  65. Permanent marker
  66. Take out menus/map of the area
  67. Vitamix
  68. Headphones
  69. Books/kindle - I just downloaded a bunch of personal development books on my kindle so I can make sure to keep my mind focused on the positive in the midst of chaos.
  70. Phone charger
  71. Computer charger
  72. Kindle charger
  73. Camera - I knew pictures were going to be incredibly important. Each day is a new story and a new milestone. I definitely want it all documented! I got this sweet little gift for Christmas to help me make that happen.
  74. Memory cards
  75. Computer - I run my own business so I will be bringing it with me to keep my mind on something other than the craziness going on around us. I also want to have it to play movies and blog!
  76. Rechargeable batteries
  77. Battery charger
  78. Digital picture frame - We want to make our stay as homey as possible so I am loading our frame up with pictures of our family to keep close by <3 This one is available on Amazon for 29.99.

Sending you love and best wishes during your hospital stay <3