Mommy, do you need a time out?


Today was one of those days that tested every ability of mine as a mother and a decent human being. The leave your wallet at home, public tantrum, potty in the car, what-the-heck-did-i-just-step-in kind of day. I sent a text to my husband this morning at 10:31am saying “I need a break” immediately followed by a text to the bestie saying “TEQUILA” <<< You getting the picture of what kind of day it was? 

You’ve all had those days where you seriously question your sanity. Every breath I took today was greeted with a challenge and a high pitched, toddler-y "NOOOOOOOO!" Work? NOT HAPPENING. Workout? TRY AGAIN. Lunch? HAHAHA. Even my trusty partner in crime the iPad turned it’s back on me today (#badmoms unite!) I was EXHAUSTED!!! 

I love my daughter with every fiber of my being, so much it hurts, but tonight bed time was a welcome friend. My sweet girl is Miss Independent. There is no rocking to sleep going on around here. She’s been that way since we brought her home from the hospital. So tonight we did the usual…story, blow kissies to bubby in Heaven, say prayers, give night night kissies and I walk out of the room. ENTER shrill screaming cries. SERIOUSLY?!

I gave it a minute, for the sake of my sanity and her safety, and then went in because this wasn’t just a whine. It was that cry that implants itself in your heart and you are magnetically forced to find the child kind of cry.

Jesus, be my patience. 

I bent down next to her bed, and instead of the expected kicking and hitting and flailing (because, ya know, toddler logic) the sweet thing wrapped her arms around me, nuzzled her head into my chest and said “Mommy, TOO (I love you in 2 year old)” *I melt* She pulled my arm around her and laid her hand on mine and in that moment I realized my sweet baby had a huge message for me. 

Maybe sometimes our kids are acting wild because WE need a time out. 

With the craziness of the day, I hadn’t even taken my own advice to take a minute to breathe. My sweet angel was forcing me to do just that. I let my heart sink in to the rhythm of her deep breathing and surrender to God. After all, that message didn’t come from nowhere! The chaos of the day was stemming from my stress and then manifesting itself as a strung out toddler. 

Sometimes the biggest time (and sanity) saver is to actually take a few minutes to refresh and refocus! I know, IT's HARD when you feel like you don't even have a second to pee, but seriously TAKE IT. The choice is, continue to let things spiral out of control, or MAKE THE TIME.

🎶 Paw Patrol is a girl's best friend 🎶 <<< song lyrics change when you become a mommy. Diamond's ain't got nothin' on paw patrol and 5 min of mommy time. 

If I would have taken a few minutes to myself today, I could have gotten SO MUCH more done with efficiency instead of grey hairs! So now, after my forced time out, (which I totally went into with the attitude of a toddler **DON'T MAKE ME**) I am feeling ready to tackle my to-do list (maybe) and then get up to do it all again tomorrow with a little more grace and a few more time outs. 

So Mommy, do you need a time out?