You will get access to 7 videos and free ebook!

You eat when you're sad, bored, angry, stressed, happy, anxious....basically whenever you feel.

Food has become your comfort. You feel trapped in the endless cycle of snacking, junk food addiction, and comfort eating.

You are stuck and the weight has piled on so much that you're embarrassed of how far you've let yourself go.

It's time to take control! I was an emotional eater. It consumed me. I would eat to try to mask my feelings and then feel guilty about it and eat some more. That cycle led to some serious health problems and I had to get control. Now, I'm going to share my tips to overcoming this terrible condition with you!! You don't have to live bound by the chains of food. With my help you can and you will have a great relationship with food and learn to love and treat your body right!

You will feel successful, empowered, and happy!

Let's OVERCOME together!

What you will get: 7 days of content containing a video with my tips to overcome emotional eating. The topics will be

1. Emotional Eating Broken Down
2. Food Journaling
3. Identifying Your Triggers
4. Replacing Your Triggers: Things You Love
5. Personal Development
6. Food for Fuel
7. Have a Plan

*An ebook containing worksheets that will aid in your success in overcoming emotional eating
*My support and coaching to make sure you achieve your goals!

The best part is THIS IS TOTALLY FREE!! You have nothing to lose and freedom to gain so let's show food who's boss!

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