Day 3: Identifying your triggers

STOP!! Do not proceed until you have completed Day 2. You need a full day's worth of food journaling (or more) to successfully complete today! 

Yesterday I asked you to fill out your food journal. Were your eyes opened to mindless snacking, sneaking lots of quick bites, or eating at stressful times? GOOD! Let's identify those triggers today so we can defeat them!

One of the most important parts of overcoming emotional eating is identifying your triggers!! Triggers are different for each of us so we are going to dive into your food journals and take a look! 

Make sure to fill in your triggers and your trigger foods in your workbook.

Don't forget to be brave and post your questions and or share your answers in the Sparkles of Joy Squad on facebook. Putting it out there makes it more real and holds you accountable! Let's conquer this battle!

See you tomorrow!