I am Tori Sullivant and I am your biggest fan!

As a successful lifestyle coach, I help you find your healthy happiness. Together, we are going to set goals and crush them. Whether you are looking to get healthy and fit or just learn to LOVE your life again, you will have all of the tools you need to be a huge success. Together we will break through the barriers and create lifelong habits that leave you feeling accomplished, strong, and SO proud!

You bring the willingness, determination, and teachable attitude and I will provide the rest!

Let's get you ready to LIVE OUT LOUD!!

Are you tired of being beat down by life?
Are you sick of trying and failing to be happy and healthy?
Have you had enough of being broken and defeated?
Is it FINALLY time take life into your hands and feel JOY again?

You deserve so much more in this life than to feel less than enough! You should exude confidence, happiness, strength, and faith no matter what life throws your way. You should be able to attack the day with drive and passion and rock your FAB bod in anything you want to wear and anywhere you want to go.

I know it hurts to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and start picking apart your body and all the things you hate about it...to start allowing the toughness of life to make you hard and critical. You shouldn’t have to feel so sick and exhausted. You should never feel so sad and stuck that it's too hard to even leave the house. 

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No more worrying about how clothes fit or avoiding cameras and mirrors. Your inner joy and strength will shine out of you making you the most beautiful you've ever been. You will get up ready to conquer the day. No more missed workouts and emotional binging! You will love seeing old friends and hearing them say “Wow! You look fantastic!”

You were meant to SHINE . Your life was designed for a specific and profound purpose. It's time to make a step in the right direction.

BUT WAIT....SCREEEECCCHHH put on the breaks!

I know it can be scary. You’re afraid you don’t have time, that no one will support you, or you won’t be successful. It scares you to think about what people will say or how hard it will be to stay on track because you LOVE to eat out or worse you're an EMOTIONAL EATER. You are struggling balancing motherhood with the responsibilities of work, marriage, friendships, and other obligations.

Listen, this was ME. I KNOW life gets hard and sometimes seems impossible. I can hear you saying "Why should I be exercising and eating healthy when my whole life is falling apart around me?"
I've been in the trenches where it feels easier to give up than get up but you CAN'T.

By making your physical, spiritual, and mental health a priority you will OVERCOME with JOY and GRACE.

This is more than a physical battle. This is deeper than a bathing suit or a pant size. With me as your coach, you WILL have the support and you WILL be successful in becoming healthy from the inside out. I will give you tips to create a healthy and beautiful life while combatting the chaos around you!
It's time to stop letting the hurt steal your smile. It's time to stop giving up and giving in. It's time to be SURROUNDED by girlfriends who will lift you up and make you better. It's time to believe in yourself again. It's time to take control and start making changes to create a lifestyle you love!

You will enjoy the food you are eating, the workouts you are doing and the JOY rising up in your soul. You will cherish the support and encouragement you are getting. You will LOVE the way you feel (and look😉)

No more doubt. No more disappointment. No more disgust. Just you and the life you love!

I would LOVE to work with you and help you set some goals to CRUSH! My greatest joy in my job is seeing women, just like you, go from lost to full of purpose...from unhappy to full of joy...from defeated to strong, healthy, and confident!

I want to teach you to take care of yourself so you can be the best you for all of the people and commitments in your life! If you're ready to make the investment in yourself and find your healthy happiness then let's get started! Check out your options by clicking the boxes below!

Are you ready to change your life with a group of supportive women on the same path as you?

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What do you get by becoming a vip?
- A consultation with me to help you find a program that fits your needs and lifestyle
- Simple, easy-to-follow meal plans (no counting calories or starving!)
- 30-min super effective workouts to get you lean and toned, and...looking FABULOUS
- Shopping guides full of delicious whole foods to make TONS of different meals
- My favorite superfoods supplement to make smoothies daily to help you feel INCREDIBLE. This is what has kicked my sugar    addiction, leveled out my blood sugar, and gives me the energy to keep up with my kiddos
- Support & motivation from other challengers and ME
- Tips and recipes to help make your journey easier
- A year of access to $1,500 worth of workout programs and nutrition guides streaming online and any new program releases during the year
- Challenges and prizes to help keep you going strong!
-unlimited access to my VIP support group and resources including meal plans, recipes, tips, and motivation
$199 with optional additional monthly


$160 for everything!

Set up A consultation by contacting me HERE

I look forward to helping you find your healthy happiness!



"I wish I had words for how much I love this group... a place of positivity support and encouragement!! It is a BLESSING!!! I am always so excited to jump in here and check in on your lives <3 Don't ever stop being awesome"

"I had convinced myself to get back in bed. Thought about this group and I just did it."

"I freaking love this group!! I set the alarm to get up early and workout before work, but I kept hitting the snooze button and trying justify why I couldn't/didn't want to workout. I kept trying to tell myself I'd do it this evening. But then I got on here and saw all of you guys up early working out and that motivated me to do the same."

"I've done things with this group that I never thought possible."

"THIS THE MOST AMAZING GROUP OF PEOPLE ON THE PLANET. And I just can't get enough of you and all the love and support we show for each other. Thank you all for showing up each and every day. You're such amazing souls and I'm so glad to know you."

"I love that this group offers so many different healthy lifestyle tips! And that I have a place to turn when I'm struggling and I won't sound dumb"

"I like the connection with other ladies who are on the same journey...the advice...the support and encouragement. It's nice to have someone there for the hard times and to share the victories!"

"The support has been amazing. Everyone is so encouraging. There is also plenty of great recipes, motivating pics, and sharing ideas which helps us all. Having the support is great when you really need someone to help you through the same struggles they may be facing! We are here for each other!"

"Because of this AMAZING group I have gotten to the point in my journey where I feel comfortable going out into public in shorts! 💗 I used to be soooo self conscious about my legs"

INCREDIBLE victories are coming out of my VIP group!