I’ve tried to run from my story many times. There were ugly parts that I didn’t want to define me, but I learned that owning my story IS my freedom. I don’t have to be defined by what happened to me but by how I chose to rise from it.

I am broken and that is beautiful. This is a message I'm learning in life. After two tornados, being targeted in a terrorist bombing, struggling with anxiety and depression, battling self hatred, receiving terrible medical diagnoses, and the death of my sweet baby boy, I am definitely broken. Broken so badly that I have some jagged edges and slivers that won't ever fit back together "just right" but hear me today...THAT IS OK.

Broken means we have a story. Broken means that we get to be better. Broken means we're human. Each disaster, each tragedy, each deep cut hurts like hell but also teaches us, molds us, grows us.

It's in brokenness that I became vulnerable and usable. I shed pride and defenses, realizing that life is messy and I need TONS of grace and love. It taught me to open my heart and be gentle, to relinquish all of the ridiculous and exhausting expectations and just be. Then God used those exposed pieces and gifted beauty in the wake of destruction like a rainbow after a storm. The beauty of a thriving coaching business doing soul work and helping women find healthy happiness, the beauty of a non-profit in honor of my son, the beauty of blessings I never dreamed were possible all because I was open to the joy around me.


I'm learning that fellow broken sisters are the souls I want to be around. You are the women I admire, who struggle to get up but do it anyway because you refuse to be defeated. You, who've decided to own your brokenness and say "use me." 

You are the woman I believe carry the true strength and secret to life, that no, we can't control what happens to us, we can't protect ourselves from hurt, but we can decide what we do in the aftermath.


Tori Sullivant

You could decide to focus on the negative, and you could EASILY give up and give in to darkness, but as your coach I WON'T LET YOU! Yes, it happened and we'll honor that. There are days the wounds still ache, so you'll learn to give yourself grace to feel, to hurt, to cry, but you must refuse to live there!

Instead you'll choose to live freely, love deeply, forgive quickly, choose bravery and JOY because life is wild and the hurt will come, but there is so much magic if we just choose to see it. It's just the smallest shift in perspective from "why me" to gratitude.  Not gratitude for the bad, but unending focus on all of the good! And maybe even creating a little good of your own!



Come see what I have to offer! One decision could change the path of your entire life. 

I choose to spend more time belly laughing a little harder, kissing a little longer, complimenting a stranger's beautiful smile, giving without hesitation, and basking in the glory of creation than living in sadness. 

When I’m not coaching, you can find me painting pictures and baking with my baby girl, grabbing tacos and chatting about dreams with my girlfriends, or snuggling up in a warm blanket with a hot tea and watching Criminal Minds with my husband. On the weekends in the fall you’ll find Alabama Football on my TV (Roll Tide),  followed by a Sunday leading worship at my church. Music is my escape <3
My husband and I also run a nonprofit in honor of our son, more beauty from the ashes! Click the box below to check it out!