Day 1: Own Your Story

Let's face it. Sometimes there are chapters of our story that are dark. Hard things happen, that's why you're here, but those hard things aren't where your story ends. In fact, they help piece together a beautiful mosaic that is your life. 

Imagine a piece of sea glass. It once was a bottle, a plate, a cup. It had a story. It had a life. Then one day that glass encountered something that shattered it into many pieces...broken. It was tossed and tumbled and, as time went on, the jagged edges were softened. The constant washing of the water created a beautiful frost and that broken piece of glass became a sought after jewel. People went on to create jewelry with it and show it off, cherishing it for it's survival and willingness to honor what it once was while becoming something new. 


What a wonderful parallel to our life as broken people. The before, the during, and the after are all a part of our story. Each piece has shaped us, broken us, softened us, taught us, bettered us. If we are open to being molded by the events in our life then we have the potential to create magic from the ashes. The world admires and needs that.

When we begin to own our story, every piece of it, it is so freeing. Our story is what makes our life, each event leads to the next. They are all connected. Each strand is woven and intertwined, and all of the pieces play a specific part in creating who you've become. One cannot be without the other. And just as each piece of sea glass is unique, so is each of our stories uniquely beautiful. 

Here is the really cool part, your story isn't over. You still have breath in your lungs. Your heart is still beating and you are holding the pen. You may not be able to control what happens to you, but you can control how it affects you. Will you choose to be bitter or better? Will you be a victim or a victor? How will you define your life?

I see magic in you. 

Today I want you to really reflect on your story. What has it taught you? What are some beautiful things that have happened? What are some hard things? What beautiful ending are you going to create? Remember, you hold the pen! 

Dive in to day 1 of your workbook and share in the sparkles of joy squad! I can't wait to hear from you <3