Day 4: solidifying your strengths

When that trauma strikes in your life it can often leave you feeling lost, confused, and like you have nothing left to offer the world. I know, after losing Caden I felt like I was in a fog. I walked around forgetting about my strengths and wondering, who am I now? I really had to take some time to focus back in and practice some positive self talk to get back to a functioning human being. But I didn't want to just survive. I wanted to thrive and be VICTORIOUS so I really worked on solidifying my strengths...some old and some new that the brokenness gifted me.

This is our focus for the day, your strengths, and you've got them! You have unique talents that the world needs so let's focus on building on them and maybe even sharing them! 

Society teaches us that we need to fix the weaknesses, but I say let's just amplify your strong suits!! If we focus on making you GREAT at what you are already good at then your weaknesses will be a thing of the past anyway. 

I am not the best organizer. I have a million different thoughts running in my brain at all times and papers with notes everywhere so you won't find me teaching a soul how to organize, BUT I am great at finding joy! If I spent all of my energy trying to be better at organizing then I would be missing out on sharing my talents with the world. Even if I focused on improving my organizational skills, I would probably only be able to be good at them, but if I improve what I'm already good at then I can be GREAT! 

Plus, I'm all about self improvement, but when I focus on only the things I'm not so good at it doesn't make me feel so great. There's enough out there in the world telling me what I'm not good at! I want to focus on what I am good at! I'm not saying ignore your weaknesses, but put more of your energy into your talents

I hear ya, it can be hard to find those things when you are feeling so broken, but I promise THEY ARE THERE! I'm going to help you find them. 

Start by thinking about these things:

  • What do I think I'm good at?
  • What do I get complimented on?
  • What do I like about myself?
  • How have I helped someone in the past?
  • What is something I've overcome?
  • What makes me different?
  • How do I make others happy?
  • What could I lose time doing?

This will help you narrow down your strengths!! I want to hear all about them in the group. Sometimes it even helps to ask other people to help you! We are often our own worst critic. 

What does all of this have to do with being victorious? Well, victims allow their weaknesses to win. They fall into the trap of "poor me" or "I have nothing good to offer." Victors say "watch me become better because of this" Your strengths will pull you through, give you focus and direction, and provide an outlet to pour yourself into! 

And if you're lost on what your strengths are, here's one, you are an overcomer. You chose to be here, to take action, and that is HUGE.