Day 5: Finding your joy

Joy, it's something that even the darkest of days and the deepest of hurts can't touch. It's that tiny glimmer of hope, that last flickering of light that just won't go out. Joy is what I cling to like my life depends on it because, in a way, it does. I don't want to be any empty shell, destroyed by darkness and hurt. The fear and pain, they don't get to win in my life because joy and love are stronger. 

Today, I want you to focus on finding your joy. It comes from all of the things we've covered in the past 5 days. Joy is accepting and believing that your story isn't all bad. There are good parts and even the bad parts can lead to good if we allow them to. Joy is in learning to love yourself and give yourself grace to feel whatever you are feeling. Joy is in finding gratitude in the little things in life. Joy is in finding your strengths and using them as a force for good. 

Joy is in choosing the imprint life is going to leave on you. 

What in your life brings you peace? For me, I can find joy in a good devotional with a warm cup of tea or in my daughter snuggled up in my lap as we sing a lullaby. My joy comes from shifting my perspective and choosing to see the good in life instead of focusing on the bad. Whenever I feel myself spiraling into hurt and darkness I retreat to my joy. 

Joy is yours. Nothing and no one gets to take that from you! You wake up every day and choose it! Cling to it as if there is no other option! 

I've also found HUGE joy in serving. It gives me an outlet to pour all of my feelings into. Creating my sons non profit allowed me to love on families and focus my energy into something good. It helped me to create something beautiful from the wreckage in my life. It also brings me great joy to serve you, to share my life (the good, bad, and ugly) and be a part of your beautiful masterpiece. 

You too can find an area to serve the world with your joy. Use your strengths from yesterday to think of some ways you can share your gifts with the world. Maybe you can bake treats for the local hospital staff or volunteer at a school in you neighborhood. Maybe you could bless someone with your art or teach someone how to organize ;) Whatever it is that you are talented at, use it! You will see your joy multiply and spread by sharing it with the world <3

Thank you for sharing this piece of your life with me and trusting me with your beautiful story. Please don't stop using our group as a place of joy and encouragement. I challenge you each day to post something that brought you joy that day and use the hashtag #ichoosejoy. You can also share it on your personal page to share the joy even further! 

are you ready to take the next step in creating the joyful life you dream about living?

I offer many options for one on one coaching and group coaching programs to give you action steps to guide you into confidence and healing. Learn how to pick up the broken and confusing pieces of your life and turn them into a beautiful masterpiece. 

This is not counseling, it's hands on goal setting, clear guidance, and a little tough love. 

Together we will walk hand in hand towards the sparkles of your joy!