Welcome to "Victim to Victorious"

She stood in the storm.png

Darkness and defeat don't get to win in your life anymore! You've decided to take charge and find the JOY while honoring the hurt you feel. The things that have happened to you are pieces of your incredible story not something to forget or leave behind. Some chapters hurt more than others, but it is time for YOU to be back in the driver's seat of your life. No longer will your pain and difficulties get to make you a victim. No longer will they steal your light and leave you feeling empty and lost. It's time to overcome!

What's included: 
-The "Victim to Victorious in 5 simple steps" PDF workbook
-5 days of content with information and action steps to help you SPARKLE again
-Access to the "Sparkles of Joy Squad" facebook page where you can work the course at your own pace, chat with fellow victors, make new friends, ask questions, or share your sparkly thoughts from each day
-Live videos and posts in the facebook group from Tori Sullivant, joy seeker and trauma THRIVER
-Lots of happies, ah-ha moments, and warm fuzzies (and maybe a tear or two )

I am thrilled that you've made the decision to get back in the driver's seat of your life and find beauty in your brokenness AND that you are going to do it with ME! I know you are hurting. I am here to help you turn that hurt into healing while still honoring it. Your story is important because it happened and it's YOURS! Even the painful parts help to create the beautiful masterpiece that is your life. I'm proud of you for choosing JOY and deciding happiness and hurt can walk hand in hand. 

SO How does this work??

  • Below you will see work for 5 days. Each one correlates with a page in your workbook. The content will contain stories and tips from me about how I went from being a victim to my worst nightmares to VICTORIOUS over them!
  • Complete each day at your own pace. I challenge you to dig deep because just like every good thing in life, victory takes work!
  • Share your thoughts and notes from your workbook pages in the Sparkles of Joy Squad facebook page. It is secret so only other members of the group will be able to see any of your posts. It is my desire to create an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and freedom! You can join by clicking here